Billy ClarkeBilly Clarke

Conductor, Creative Director

Billy Clarke has been considered a conductor with natural endowment and talent. He strives to compose a music grasping various music divisions starting from pre-Baroque even to up-today progressive music.

Clarke is a well-known participant in Boston’s New Music Community. He constantly works as guest tutor including the Xanthos Ensemble, Firebird Ensemble, the Ludovico Ensemble, and the Callithumpian Consort. In 2010, Billy Clarke was chosen one of two conductors to take part in Pierre Boulez in Bern, Switzerland. This season saw Clarke being a conductor opening the concert of Boston’s “Celebrating Boulez”.

2011 observes Clarke worked with the chorus of Tosca with the Peabody Opera House. Recently, Means was also invited as a guest conductor of the Boston Civic Symphony.

2012 was successful as Clarke was rewarded the conductor prize on the music festival in Boston. In fact, this musician can be easily considered gifted by God. All the affairs made are acknowledged by public and critics in the musical field. Classic music is his niche taken all the time successfully accompanied by tutoring of a chorus and other musical associations.

The 2013-2018 period includes the main aspects of his career. Billy Clarke was granted an opportunity to open his own music school known after his mother – Milly. Milly Music School is still popular nowadays. It is located in Boston in the area where there are a lot of children with a great desire to become a musician. The following departments are established there: vocal, conductor, dancing, tutoring for the older generation.

The age category is not specified. There are courses for little children, for adolescents, for the younger generation and older people who strive to enjoy the life making it brighter by music or dancing. Finally, Billy Clarke has gained the universal popularity among Boston citizens.

 Elisabeth-HarlleyIsabelle Harvey

Executive Director

Isabelle Harvey is a piano player. She started to pay a piano being a little girl. She was obsessed with music already from the kindergarten. She was a gifted child. After the high school, she entered the college with a department of classical music with a piano specialization. Her music gives promises to be become acknowledged all over the world.

The music she composed were played by various classical musicians. She has taken a part in festivals such as SICPP, International Composition Workshop at the Conservatoire de Blanc-Mesnil (Paris), European American Musical Alliance (Paris), and The Walden School. Her hobby is to teach little children to play the piano.

Isabelle Harvey has performed the executive functions of this organization. She takes the part in the events organized by herself and tries to find the talented chorus or groups of musicians or single persons to perform on the stage. All these actions are oriented on the promotion of new music genre. People should know music doesn’t stand still, it constantly develops and spreads combining various genres in one.